Text on Tap

Text on Tap

Live subtitles meets live events.

Text on Tap  for  Cisco Webex

Text on Tap is the streaming platform of Text on Top. A captioner produces the text of your online meeting or conference in real-time, typically on some special amazingly fast keyboard. As you know, you can read along using this Text on Tap website (see this live example), but it is also possible to embed the text in a Cisco Webex Meeting!

All you need to do, well... all the host need to do is sharing the special Text on Tap Webex-URL with the participants of the Webex meeting. People who don't need the text, can simply reject the share, or minimize it. The regular share feature of Webex remain functional, so everyone can enjoy the shared PowerPoint presentation.
Setting up Text on Tap for Webex

Try it!

If you want to test Text on Tap for Webex, you can copy this Text on Tap Webex-URL:


Paste the URL in the "Share Multimedia" popup in Webex, and click OK.

Personalized view

The appearance of the text can be personalized, simply by clicking on the Text on Tap logo.

Adapting appearance settings to your needs